Water Heater Disturbances

Posted by on Jan 7, 2016 in Gas Water Heater Repair Tempe, Water Heater Repair Tempe

Excessive banging or popping sounds from one’s hot water heater can signify a number of issues. Such sounds could be an indication of an important matter with the hot water heater or they could merely indicate the hot water heater is overdue for servicing. Either way, dealing with a loud water heater is usually really irritating! Thankfully the most typical issue with hot water heaters is sediment deposits, which is usually fairly quick and easy to eliminate and will help decrease the demand for a Tempe Water Heater Repair.

Sediment Deposits in One’s Tempe HomeWater Heater Sediment Removal Tempe

Sediment can be found in almost all water and is particularly common in homes that utilize hard water. The sediment which might build up in a hot water heater is composed of mainly magnesium and calcium. There are several different ways sediment deposits could produce noise. When there is excess sediment, it builds up along the base of the water tank. From time to time it can trap water underneath it which may cause the water to boil if the heater works. The bubbles coming up from the boiling water and popping might produce odd popping noises. The sediment could also burn in the bottom of the tank which could cause really unusual sounds. Plus, the sediment may actually get taken up into the tank and break off creating loud knocking noises as it dives down and hits the sides.

Controlling Sediment Build Up

The best way to eliminate sediment in the event there is currently a build up problem, is to undertake a flush. This means eliminating all the water that is in the tank and filling it back up. A homeowner can carry out this repair task, even so it may be a good idea to have a professional take care of it whenever there is already a sediment concern. That way, the expert can examine the heater to be sure there are simply no other issues. By having a specialist come out annually to perform a flush and give the hot water heater a detailed check-up, will definitely help stop hot water heater noises and any other issues that might develop. Finally, putting in a water softener can definitely help with sediment deposits since a water softener removes much of the sediment that is present in water.

There are several different troubles that could be causing one’s hot water heater noises. Call us now to learn more and to ensure a major water heater repair in Tempe is not in the future.

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